Screen Printing

Screen Printing

There are many types of printing that we do, but our favorite printing method is definitely Screen Printing, which is the Gold Standard of Printing.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is one of the best t-shirt printing technique available to print high quality custom t-shirts. Over 85% of all our orders are printed through this classic printing method which we have perfected over the years, so you get your design exactly the way you envisioned it.

For every design, our printers create a stencil(screen) and use this to apply dyes to the t-shirt. Each color is applied using a different screen, one color at a time, until they all come together to create your design. You can learn more about screen printing  here.

Why Should i go for Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a great option to achieve high quality fine prints, which are soft in feel and high on durability. It is one of the most cost-effective printing methods for bulk orders.  With very few limitations as compared to the other printing methods, it is also most preferred option. It provides great vibrancy of print and colors even in dark color t-shirts. It is one of the best methods to get big design, maximum size of A3, on the front, back, sleeves of the t-shirt.

So if you want t-shirts customized for you in bulk, with multi-color prints on front/back/sleeves or in all of the mentioned areas, specially on dark color t-shirt, then the screen printing is the way to go.

IS there any limitation with Screen Printing?

There is no one perfect printing method.  One method is preferred over the other, depending upon the requirements.  As screen printing requires additional preparation like making screens, we have a minimum requirement per design. We can also print a maximum of 6 colors in any design using the screen printing method.


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If you think Screen Printing is not the right option for you, you can see other printing options that we offer here. Still not sure which printing method is best for you, you can always get in touch with us and we can help you with it. Get in touch with us at [email protected].