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Customized T-Shirts For Young Generation Marketing

In this day and age, when everyone is on the move, the traditional advertising mediums like Billboards, Banners, Flyers, News Paper might not be an ideal medium. Depending upon your target demographics, they may not be the best value for money advertising medium. In marketing world, its often said that its not often about spending the big bucks to reach your potential customer that wins, but the most relevant one. T-Shirts have long been used by businesses to promote their brand, can still prove to be a high return on investment option for advertising your brand. Customized T-Shirts for young generation can be a very effective advertising medium.

Problems with Traditional Mediums for advertising To Young Generation?

If you are a academic institute like school, college, coaching class, hobby or some specialized classed, your target audience is the today’s young generation. To advertise to them, you firstly need to understand their world.

Here are our few observations:

1. The young generation is always on the move, traveling around the city, having a static billboard in one place might not be able to grab their attention. Although if the billboard is in front of locations which your target audience regularly visits, then it can be effective, although that could be a costly advertising medium.

2. Students often get the information on where to enroll themselves, not through newspapers or flyers, but through their friends.

3. Social Media Marketing has taken over the traditional mediums of marketing when it comes to this market, as their potential leads are all on various social mediums.


How T-Shirts can be used to overcome this challenge?

T-shirts are more than just a blank canvas of billboard, newspaper, or flyer. The person wearing it is your ambassador, and we all know how mouth to mouth publicity can do wonders for a brand.

Here are our views, why we think T-Shirts can be a perfect advertising medium:

1. If you distribute your students a customized t-shirt which identifies with your institute, then you have hundreds of students traveling all over the city and in a way promoting your institute, making people aware of your institute’s brand and offerings. T-shirts are relatively very cheap medium of marketing.

2. Its very much possible that your students’ friends are your potential leads, therefore having a student wearing your t-shirt gets you some really good quality potential leads, which is far cheaper and high in quality then the leads which you will get advertising through newspaper and flyers, making T-Shirts an ideal marketing medium.

3. Since your students connect and share on social medium, every time they share a picture or video wearing your customized t-shirt on their respective social channels, you get more reach and brand awareness, so even if you don’t have a social marketing strategy planned out, you can get a fair share of exposure in popular social networks.


Considering all the above reasons, we strongly believe that T-shirts is used properly, can be one of the most ideal mediums for marketing. We have many clients in Jabalpur, nagpur, Raipur, Bangalore, Gurgaon etc who understand this very well and have used T-shirts effectively to take their brand further. We at Merch My Brand offer amazing customized T-shirt options to institutes and companies. Whether you want a screen printed T-shirt or an embroidered T-shirt, you can always count on us. We get it done for you, in best quality, in unmatched price for your 100% satisfaction.

Get in touch with us and let us know your requirement, we will understand your marketing requirement and suggest a most suited value for money product for you. You can email us at [email protected] or Get Quote from us.

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