JEC T-Shirts

Win Free JEC T-Shirts!

We are excited to launch our first ever Giveaway Contest, and what better to start with, then an esteemed college from our own city, Jabalpur Engineering College.

What is the contest?

You can win JEC T-Shirt for yourself and for your buddy. Absolutely Free. Yay!! 😀

How can I win?

Rules are simple:
1. Like our facebook page.
2. Leave a comment on our page, telling why JEC is so special for you.
3. In the comment, tag the friend who you want to win the T-Shirt along with you.
4. Add #MerchMyBrand and #JECGiveaway tags.
That’s it! You have participated successfully. Now keep your fingers crossed.

When will I get my T-Shirt?

We will be revealing the winners on 10th June and 10 Lucky winners (5 participants + 5 friends) will get their T-Shirts. This is 10 Ka Dum, Jabalpur and JEC Style 😀




How can I collect my T-Shirt?

The lucky ones will be invited to our store to collect the price so that we can capture the moments with you. But if for some reason, you are not in Jabalpur, you can let us know through our facebook page, and we can arrange for sending your T-shirts your way.

Can I Buy JEC T-Shirts?

Yes, you can, just drop us a message on our facebook page or call us at 810-99-22-941 and we will send you your JEC T-shirts, but we would still like to know why JEC is special for you 🙂

Sounds good! then let us know why JEC is special for you, and we promise to give you a very special T-Shirt, customized by MerchMyBrand just for you.

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Wishing all of you all the luck! Share your special opinions for the special institute that is JEC.