Corona PPE Kits in Jabalpur

Corona PPE Kits

What are Corona PPE Kits?

PPE Kit Stands for Personal Protection Equipment Kit. Merch My Brand is manufacturing high-quality Corona PPE Kits in Jabalpur to help minimize the spread of the Corona Virus. These Corona PPE Kits are designed and manufactured to help our Brave COVID Warriors in #FightAgainstCorona. PPE kits cover the individual’s whole body and protect them from possible contamination while they are hard at work. Our PPE Kits contain:

  • Full Body Protection Suit – 1 Pc
  • Head Cover – 1 Pc
  • Face Mask – 1 Pc
  • Hand Gloves – 1 Pair
  • Shoe Covers – 1 Pair
  • Disposable Poly Bag – 1 Pc

Merch My Brand is manufacturing Corona PPE Kits in Jabalpur to do our bit in #FightAgainstCorona

Where can I get Corona PPE Kits in Jabalpur?

At Merch My Brand, you can now get Corona PPE Kits as well. This though is not our main product offering and we never hope that it becomes one, but at this time of pandemic of Corona Virus, we wish to bring our best manufacturing processes to help our country and Brave Corona Warriors by offering Corona PPE Kits in Jabalpur at the best prices.

Merch My Brand takes these testing Corona times as our opportunity to give back to Jabalpur. We are manufacturing Coronavirus PPE Kits in Jabalpur with high-quality materials and all our products go through strict quality checkups to ensure safety.

Viewing the growth in numbers of Coronavirus patients as evident from statistics here, providing High-Quality PPE Kits is not only our responsibility but also our commitment.

Where can I buy Corona PPE kits in Jabalpur for Medical Professionals?

Established in 2014, Merch My Brand, is your one-stop-shop for Customized T-Shirts and custom team t-shirts in Jabalpur. But at this time of the pandemic, we are bringing our textile expertise to deliver high-quality Corona PPE Kits in Jabalpur. If the transportation permit then we can send it to other parts of the country as well. Our high-quality Corona PPE Kits are manufactured for Medical Professionals, to help them avoid getting contaminated while they are hard and tirelessly at work. Our PPE Kits are made out of 70GSM laminated non-woven materials.

At Merch My Brand, we salute our Medical Professionals and all the COVID Warriors who are working for the betterment of the country and its citizens without any distinction based on caste, creed, religion, region.

Apart from manufacturing PPE Kits for protection, we are also making Medical Face Masks (both disposable and re-usable) and Hand Gloves.

Where can I get Corona PPE Kits in Jabalpur for my office/workplace?

Although Merch My Brand is your one-stop-shop for Custom Printed Tshirts in Jabalpur, we are now manufacturing affordable Corona PPE Kits in Jabalpur which can be used by employees at office or workplace during these testing times.

Whether you want zip-up coverall pattern or gown pattern, we can manufacture it all. We don’t prepare PPE Kits using substandard materials and undercut sizes, as offering High-Quality Corona PPE Kits in Jabalpur is not only our responsibility but also our commitment.

At Merch My Brand, we are not only manufacturing high-quality Personal Protection Equipment Kits but are also making Hand Gloves, Reusable Face Masks and Disposable Face Masks to help you create a safe working environment for your employees.

Where can I get Reusable Face Masks in Jabalpur?

Merch My Brand is bringing its best manufacturing processes and a wide network of raw material suppliers to bring you Reusable Face Masks at affordable prices. 

These Reusable Face Masks are ideal for wearing inside your home or office for an extended period of time. The flexible elastic bands make it convenient to wear them without much pain on the back area of ears.

We have made these Reusable Face Masks with high-quality cotton fabrics, with two layers of cloth for better protection. Our Masks are wide enough to cover your full mouth and nose properly. We have also ensured tight stitches for extended durability.

Our Reusable Face Masks comes in assorted prints to make wearing masks every day a little less dull while giving you ample protection at the same time.

What is the delivery time for Corona PPE Kits in Jabalpur?

We are trying our best to cater to huge requirements for Corona PPE Kits in Jabalpur. The time it will take to deliver varies based on your requirements and our inventory at that moment. The expected delivery time will be conveyed to you once we discuss your requirements and units needed.

We wish all of you to stay safe and stay happy. We are sure that together we will come out stronger at the end.

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